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Keeping track of your daily habits can help you to improve your health. With UP Jawbone for Android you can keep an eye on your physical activity your sleep and your eating habits helping you to establish patterns and the relationship between these factors and your wellbeing. UP establishes the relation between your lifestyle habits and your wellbeing. Features Register your sleep physical activity and eating habits. Smart alarms adapted to your sleep. Physical inactivity notifications. Obtain information on how to improve your lifestyle habits. Connect other applications to UP Jawbone such as those related with your physical activity to integrate the monitoring of your activities. Centralized information about your lifestyle habits UP Jawbone makes use of a wristband capable of registering your sleep cycle and your body's reaction to your physical activity to give you the appropriate information. With the application's data and the info you input manually you will turn UP Jawbone into an information centre about your body that will help you to improve those aspects of your daily life that aren't good for your health.

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