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Link Bubble the first fully multitask browser is now here. Its main virtue is that it can load webpages in the background while you can use other applications without interrupting your work. In turn it includes a system to load links that simulating bubbles allows us to save them or send them to other applications with simple gestures. The browser that doesn't need to interrupt your activity to load pages. Features Multitask browser that loads links in the background. Easily share links in bubbles or save them to be read later on. Redirect links to other applications. Perfect integration with the rest of applications. Locate YouTube videos on webs and open them directly with the official application. Statistics of the time saved by using the browser. The time you save with Link Bubble This browser has been conceived to save you time when it comes to visiting any link and that's why to prove it it keeps a record of all the time you have saved instead of waiting for the different webs to load. Download Link Bubble for Android and make the most of the real multitask browsing experience.

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