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If you've played .io games before you know what kind of gameplay to expect from these multiplayer matches: face up to loads of players and stay alive for as long as possible. That's the same philosophy we'll find in a battle royale game in which we'll take part in massive chaotic yet amusing battles in which we'll beat the hell out of each other. Destroy your enemies with your ax The aim of the game just like the rest of its style is to wipe out all our enemies and to be the last player standing. Here the strategy is less important than in other games of the likes of Fortnite Overwatch or PUBG being more like a classic arcade game. Nevertheless the gameplay is very entertaining and addictive. With a little practice we'll be able to become expert players and beat all our enemies. We'll come across features such as the following: Play online against other users or offline against a load of bots. Simple controls: a button to move and another one to shoot. 2-minute battles. Over 40 kinds of weapons. Unlock over 20 different heroes and choose between them all. Different levels and maps that appear randomly. For Android Download

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