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Microsoft OneDrive For Android Reviews

Microsoft OneDrive is the new name of Microsoft's cloud storage service which also comes along with a renovated image and new functions. After leaving SkyDrive in the past the new Android app brings along interesting innovations for Android users. It's worth mentioning the new function that allows us to automatically save in our OneDrive account the photos and videos taken with our phone's camera. Easily store and share photos videos or documents. New name new image and new functions Not only has Microsoft's cloud storage service changed its name but OneDrive's Android app also comes with interesting innovations: Allows us to automatically save our camera's images and videos. Improved compatibility with Office Mobile for Android and OneNote. Allows us to edit Office documents. Improved interface with larger thumbnails. More storage space OneDrive also increases our capacity to store files for free: you know have 15 GB to store in the same place whatever you need. With OneDrive storing our files on the cloud sharing editing and managing them will be easier than ever.

Microsoft OneDrive For Android Download

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