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VirusBarrier is a very complete application to protect our Mac because even though there isn't the same amount of threats as with the Windows systems there are still dangers on the Internet and it is a good idea to scan our computer searching for any kind of malware and to avoid attacking connections. It is a complete solution formed by various modules that covers practically all the fronts from which our computer could be attacked. The program has a very appealing interface that shows all the controls and menus visible to the user in such a way that we don't need to browse between several menus to access any function. Main features Malware protection in real-time or by means of the analysis of units. Powerful firewall with customizable rules. Integrated anti-spyware. Connection monitor from which you can check the use of the network. If you have an Apple computer and you're looking for a complete protection system that will allow you to stay safe against any threat download and try out VirusBarrier on your computer.

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