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The formula of combining three or more identical objects seems to be an inexhaustible source for games. The proof is Gummy Drop! in which we'll have to group candies to clear them from the board. Your target will be to build up points bricks and experience so that you can build epic constructions. The type of game that never fails As you make progress and move on to the next levels the board will gradually become more complicated. Nevertheless you can make use of power-ups such as shovels and earthquakes that will help you to clear the board whenever you're in a tight spot. You'll also travel around the Gummy Drop! world in which you can construct buildings and come across new challenges every day. It doesn't offer anything new but who cares? And if you easily get addicted to this kind of game you'll be happy to know that it incorporates a prize system for the most loyal players: if you come back very often you'll receive rewards such as new game resources.

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