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Tagalicious is a program that allows you to organize all your music add tags and find the covers for each album. Tagalicious recognizes all the music that you have on the computer the iTunes playlists for example. When you select a song it will automatically search for the information and the tags associated with this file. Thus you will be able to order all your songs easily. Keep your music collection in order Many times you have songs without metadata and you can't order them in any way at all. With Tagalicious you will be able to find useful tags and even the album covers. When you launch the application it recognizes the music library. When you select the songs it detects the tags that it already has but what's more it searches on the Internet and it offers you new tags like the song's composer's name the album covers and even the song lyrics. Once you have all the tags that you want Tagalicious allows you to update them on iTunes.

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