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In this game you'll be in control of one of those typical strong guys from an old circus. Your mission is to pick up a poor kid and throw him up into the air time after time to try to break your own height record. For such purpose you'll have to tap the screen at the very precise moment that he gets in your reach to be able to toss him once again. And you had better off not doing so too early or too late... otherwise he'll end up on the floor. That's the plot of Buddy Toss a casual game that's really all about accuracy and precision. It allows us to earn coins that we can use to improve the skills of our main character. But its main asset is definitely the possibility to break our own record and see how high we can throw the kid... higher than the tallest building? Main features Endless game. Take part in the global leaderboard. Explore the skies with your tosses. Improve the skills of your character.

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