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Nintendo 64 was Nintendo's successful reply to the Sega Saturn and Sony's PlayStation back in 1996 to continue competing in the video console world that consolidated as a leading company in the domestic leisure sector. If you enjoyed playing its catalog of video games back then or you simply want to find out what they were like you simply have to download MegaN64. A fast Nintendo 64 emulator This Android emulator for the desktop video console stands out for its speed when it comes to loading and running the games. We only have to download the files to our device's internal or external memory and access them from the app. This modified version of the Mupen64+ project offers us a great gaming experience thanks to the fact that the user can customize the controls recreating all the sensations of the video consoles that was the rage in the 90s'. Super Mario 64 Mario Kart 64 Donkey Kong 64 o Diddy Kong Racing amongst others are waiting for you once again.

MegaN64 For Android Download

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