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Tough day at work or in class? Don't worry there's always the option of downloading Fancy Slime. It turns your Android screen into a jelly-like surface that you can stroke and touch to your heart's content and thus relieve yourself of stress. Dozens of surfaces to caress This application is a virtual de-stresser much like the simple art of popping bubble wrap. You can have fun sliding your finger over the simulation of dozens of different surfaces many of which can be accessed without an Internet connection. There's no objective other than to simply swipe your finger and enjoy the various meandering shapes you form in each surface. The main features of this anti-stress application are: Dozens of surfaces to caress. Relax by sliding your finger over the entire surface of the screen. Dozens and dozens of jelly-like shapes with different sound effects. Download and enjoy without an Internet connection. New surfaces with every update.

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