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Mobile phones and tablets have become perfect platforms for games and puzzles of logic. Their touchscreens allow us to interact comfortably with all sorts of puzzles and games of wit such as this Fill for instance. Go over all the blocks but only once on each one of them The idea behind this puzzle game is very simple and is all about going over every single block but only once on each one of them. That means searching for the perfect path from the very first moment to be able to color in all the squares on the board. But two important details have to be taken into account. We can undo our patch by tapping on the previous block to where we are now. We can ask for a tip or clue to know where to start our journey. In any case we'll be able to make the most of all the usual elements in this kind of game in which the difficulty is progressive and as we advance we'll get to play puzzles that are harder and harder.

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