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In terms of music games and applications for Android Piano Master has managed to make itself a name among the most popular apps. To such an extent that other versions have appeared such as the Beethoven Special Mozart Special and Christmas editions. A game to improve your music skills. How to play Piano Master? The gameplay is very simple: the instrument's keyboard appears on your screen and you have to follow and play all the notes you hear. It's something like a karaoke but for piano. There are over 200 songs sorted into 6 collections: Classic: Moonlight Sonata Happy Birthday To You and others. The best Beethoven piano sonatas. Etudes Preludes Mazurkas and Nocturnes of Chopin. Mozart piano sonatas. National anthems of 32 countries around the world. Christmas songs. Install the APK of the game and try out the different levels of difficulty that makes this game playable for all kinds of users.

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