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Nobody likes having their flight delayed getting to the airport and finding out that their flight has been cancelled or that that there has been an overbooking. Although it won't help you to make up for a very bad start or end to your summer holidays AirHelp for Android offers you everything you need to get an economic compensation for all the problems suffered. You'll think twice before settling for a food voucher. Compensations of up to 600 Euros without getting up from the sofa If you've had any sort of incident with airline over the last nine years AirHelp can help you to get a compensation of up to six hundred euros in only a few minutes: Insert the data of your flight into the application. Let AirHelp take care of all the paperwork and the corresponding legal actions. Runs on a No Win No Fee basis. Download AirHelp free for Android and don't let anyone trample your passenger rights.

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