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Live all the excitement of playing roulette as if you were in Las Vegas without losing a dime of your money (and without winning either) thanks to the Android game Roulette Royale. It's the classic gambling roulette in which you'll have to try to guess the number and color where the white ball will stop once the wheel has been spun. You can choose between European or Amerian rules from the settings and start losing virtual money right away. Where will the white ball drop? Should I put all my money on red? All on black? From 1 to 18? Features of Roulette Royale Roulette game with American or European rules. Includes stats by sessions and the possibility to share your score on social networks. Bots available so you don't have to play alone. Leaderboard and Hall of Fame for the best players in the world.

Roulette Royale For Android Download

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