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Clean Up 3D is a fun cleaning game for Android where you are in charge of a vacuum clearner that tries to swallow up everything around it. The more you vacuum the more you will grow and and be able to swallow up larger objects. Clean up and wreak as much havoc as you possibly can This is an entertaining game where you are in charge of cleaning up a home. Vacuum as much as you can and with the rewards you get you can upgrade the capabilities of your appliance - make it faster or increase battery time. The game features simple playability which makes it very addictive and as your vacuum cleaner grows you will be able to vacuum up larger objects and unlock new vacuum cleaners. These are the main functions and features to be found in the game: Simple playability. Colorful and attractive graphics. Wreak havoc while cleaning your home. Unlock new vacuum cleaners. Increase in size and vacuum up the whole city.

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