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Pachinko machines are original from Japan but now have people from all over the world hooked onto them. If you don't believe us get hold of Peggle Blast for Android and discover how addictive this game is. Android version of the PC game by PopCap Games. The Land of the Rising Sun has always offered us interesting ways to entertain ourselves as is the case of Takeshi's Castle Mahjong and Pachinko machines with a gameplay similar to the classic pinball arcade. This game is inspired on the latter. Gameplay It's a casual puzzle game in which you'll find colorful settings and shiny effects. Your goal is to wipe out all the orange pieces by shooting balls at them. The gameplay is great fun. However it can turn out to be quite complicated at certain stages if you decide not to make use of in-app purchases. In any case it's a very recommendable option to have a good time.

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