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DaisyDisk is a simple application that scans the hard drives of a Mac and represents their contents by means of interactive color maps. These maps will allow you to graphically know the contents of your hard drive what parts are occupying more space and also to be able to delete those things that you don't need. Find out what's taking up space on your hard drive By means of a simple interface you'll have no problem to start using it. First you will have to select the hard drive that you want to analyze. In a few minutes DaisyDisk will have scanned the unit and will show you a pie chart with the different contents of the hard drive classified by color. This map is interactive and when you click on one of the colors it will show another map with the part that you have selected. In the bottom left corner it will show the names of the folders and files with the space that they occupy. View your files and folders as an interactive map. DaisyDisk will allow you to know what is occupying all your Mac's memory in a visual and very practical way so that you can delete the files and folders that occupy more space and that are of no use. Furthermore it has a quick scan mode that will save you a lot of time.

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