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PicPac Camera is a singular photography application that allows you to create photo montages with up to 9 different images. And you can do so in real time by just taking a shot and letting PicPac Camera to carry out the composition. Embed all your live moments in just one image. The application is inspired on the photo collection 'Triptychs of Strangers' by Adde Adesokan a Flickr user that has reached certain levels of popularity by taking photos of different people and creating a new personality by combining their bodies. PicPac Camera has two different operating modes: Trio Create a montage with up to three images. Retake any photo if necessary. Use your own self-portrait with the front-facing camera. Plus Combine up to 9 different images with a single shot. Remove the unwanted photos before sharing your work. Add yourself to the compositions with the front-facing camera.

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