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India is the second most populated country in the world not too far behind China. Nobody should be surprised that their society has its own issues and topics leaving the West aside and focusing on news and information generated within their own country. And in that context we can download UC News an application to get to know all the latest news about the Asian country and former British colony. The hottest news in the Asian giant. Breaking news about different topics Here we've got an application that offers us information based in India and spread out on different fronts: Breaking news with special attention to local news without forgetting about international events. Videos: a section of videos where we'll find absolutely anything from humor to viral videos. Bollywood news: the prolific Indian movie industry has its own space on this app. Live cricket scores: this sport is as popular as football in Europe so you can follow all its championships live online. Comments and opinions: it incorporates a system by means of which you can comment and share the different contents offered. Furthermore it also comes along with functions that simplify our interaction with the application such as subscribing to different articles so as not to miss out on a single update or the news search engine that allows us to find any content based on keywords.

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