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Fake is a browser that despite seeming somewhat strange or with little functionality at a first glance can really become an essential utility in our applications folder because it's capable of helping us to automate processes in any website in such a way that any action that we have to perform repeatedly in any site can be programmed in such a way that this tool will perform it automatically. Web browser that automates processes The general appearance of this software application is similar to that of Safari with the only difference that it has a sidebar from which we can start to create sequences with those actions that we want the application to perform each time that we access a specific URL. The program has a complete tab-based browsing manager that will make part of the work much easier because we'll be able to access any website that we are working on at all times. If you want to check the same things on a specific website day after day and you want to make the process a lot more simple download and try out Fake a browser that is different from the rest.

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