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Even when it may be true that the Apple operating system is probably the most advanced and easiest to use it is also true that it sometimes needs the help of TrashMe to be totally perfect. Theoretically Mac OS X only requires the user to drag an icon from the Applications folder to the Bin to uninstall it but the truth is that this function doesn't work as well as it should. And app to enhance the deletion functions on macOS. Although according to what the system should do the registry the files and the folders should be eliminated we have to assert that Mac OS X isn't capable of keeping a close enough track on what a single application has done to be able to uninstall all of it. That's why we have to use applications like TrashMe when it comes to uninstalling applications. Main features Remove any application widget plug-in or other elements. Find related files that must also be removed. Protect any application to prevent it from being uninstalled. Automatically detect any related file send to Trash for its deletion. Perfect application deletion By simply dragging and dropping an icon on TrashMe it will automatically search for any kind of file that can be related with the program. Thus the uninstalling will be complete and no trail will be left behind on the application. Furthermore this software can also eliminate widgets and system plug-ins thus increasing its versatility.

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