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BitTorrent networks are one of the most used P2P channels at present given their download speed and the incredible amount of files available on those networks. One of the problems is that to find a file we have to resort to several websites making the process of finding the correct file to download much more difficult but this problem can now disappear thanks to SwarmQuery a small Torrent file searcher. Torrent file search engine This application has a simple interface from which we'll be able to access the latest contents added (movies TV shows games music and anime) as well as a search box thanks to which we'll quickly find what we are looking for. Once we have found the file we were looking for we'll be able to download it using our usual BitTorrent client save the .torrent file on our hard drive to use it later or visit the website where the link is. If you're tired of having to browse THE Internet in search of what you are looking for download SwarmQuery and you'll have the perfect complement for your favorite BitTorrent client.

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