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Nowadays a smartphone allows you to watch TV wherever you go you just need the right application and that can sometimes be a problem: applications that don't seem to work lost signals... It isn't easy to find a decent cheap and intuitive app that broadcasts all the contents we'd like to watch. Live NetTV offers us over 150 TV channels via streaming straight on our Android device so that we can watch any football match or the latest episode of our favorite series wherever we are. And we can do so by means of any of the four players included although we recommend the use of MX Player. All in all you can access 7 categories with all sorts of contents: Sports. Entertainment. News. Cooking. Music. Kids. Religion. The app's developers are quite hasty updating all the links fact that we really appreciate. One of the advantages is the alleged support offered however they kindly ask you to check your Internet connection before flooding them with unnecessary messages: they've also got a life. Furthermore each channel has several different links. No adverts! Yes it's true: no banners of naked women Russian girls searching for a husband or any other typical advert created by developers searching for every single cent they can get hold of. Live NetTV offers us an advert-free experience through an interface based on Material Design. What else could you want?

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