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Champion Go is a version for Android of the popular board game Go. The latter consists in placing black and white stones on a grid to take control of as much territory as possible trying to isolate your opponent's stones. These are removed from the board when they don't have at least two empty adjacent intersections because they are surrounded by the opponent's stones. What's so special about Champion Go? Initially you may think that Champion Go is just another version of Go but its singularity lies in the fact that it's based on the engine of Crazy Stone that uses the Monte-carlo algorithm to take decisions on the fly. This gives the machine the possibility to vary its strategy as the game evolves overcoming the decisions made by its human opponent. This system has been used by other games like Pac-Man or Magic: The Gathering among others. Champion Go is based on the engine of Crazy Stone. Possibly the best Go rival Crazy Stone was developed by Rémi Coulom and is one of the hardest Go opponents you can come across. Not for nothing it has been able to defeat professional Go players in Japan. Therefore if you like putting your board game skills to the test download Champion Go for Android and prove your strategic qualities when it comes to playing Go.

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