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We often store sensitive information that we don't want to share with anyone on our smartphone or tablet. Sometimes we simply want to be more zealous about our privacy. For all those Android users who want to protect their apps and content more securely Norton App Lock provides advanced security through a numeric password or a lock pattern. Secure and protect your apps using a password or a screen with a lock pattern. Block access to your apps Does your mobile often fall into the hands of others? Would you like to protect your tablet from your children? Do you sometimes make accidental calls when you put your phone in your pocket? Would you like to prevent others from updating your social networks without your permission? If you want to keep spies at bay this tool provides a straightforward function that lets us choose the apps we want to block. To do this all we need to do is choose between a four-digit numerical code or a lock pattern and select the most sensitive applications on the list. You can block them all some or those suggested by the app. This application is free and can be very handy for all those who want to protect their information and private photos from intruders. Of course make sure you establish a secure method to recover your password or you will find yourself in a nasty situation.

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