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Usually when we access our browser we only want to visit a web or an online service. Many of these developments offer us unnecessary information such as news feeds pop-up notifications weather widgets and other elements that only manage to slow down our browsing experience. UC Browser Turbo is a minimalistic browser reduced to the minimum extent that removes all these distractions so we can focus on the most important issues without leaving to one side any important features. Options included Fast downloads thanks to servers capable of speeding them up and stabilizing them. Clean and comfortable browsing experience thanks to its minimalistic design. The home page can be customized by means of bookmarks. Allows us to remove its very few shortcuts by default: YouTube Facebook Google Instagram and bookmarks. Includes a configurable adblocker. Saves videos on the cache memory to watch them offline. Includes an incognito mode to browse without saving our browsing history. Incorporates a nighttime mode that turns whites into blacks in the case of poor lighting conditions. We can change the wallpaper as a minor tweak. Includes a QR code reader.

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