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There are many keyboard applications for Android offering some level of enhanced user experience when writing. Most of them are based on a keyboard layout inspired by typewriters from the days of yore but there are a few that have developed different systems like for example Typewise. Fewer typos and faster writing This keyboard aims to solve two of the main problems when it comes to writing on a mobile phone: typos and speed. To do this it offers a different though similar layout to the QWERTY keyboard and a system of intuitive gestures for writing capital letters and deleting what you have written. The design of the actual keys is also different having a hexagonal shape that reduce the unused space between keys meaning that they are larger. So more space means less chance of making spelling mistakes due to fat fingers. These are the main functions of this keyboard app for Android: Intuitive gestures. Smart auto-correct which learns how you write. 100% private: it does not share any record of what you write with any server nor does it request fake permissions from the operating system. Supported in more than 40 languages. Tutorial and games to become familiar with its functioning.

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