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If you're the admin of a WiFi network you'll be interested in controlling all its different aspects. dSploit is an application that allows you to do so although it's true that some of its functions go way beyond simple control features and we could even discuss whether they're legal or not. Control all the aspects revolving around your WiFi network It's an application that allows us to audit a wireless network carrying out a complete mapping process to search for vulnerabilities capable of detecting all the devices connected to it being able to intercept their traffic in real time. Therefore its use is only recommended for those cases in which the user is the owner and admin of the WiFi network in question and that the app is only going to be used for security and maintenance reasons not attempting to violate the users' privacy. By downloading this APK to your Android you can view on a panel the devices that are connected and carry out specific action directly on them such as scanning their ports cracking logins or detecting vulnerabilities. In other words you can find out if your devices have weak access points and even know if you can steal passwords for Facebook Twitter or other services.

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