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The MOBA League of Legends is a resounding worldwide success with players counted by millions and who embrace all the extra content that is created from it. For example Legends of Runeterra a strategic card game starring LoL champions. Create a deck of cards to take you to the top In this game you will have to create your card decks by selecting the heroes that best suit your playing style and the strategy you want to implement. You can combine cards and get unique characteristics and strategic advantages. These are some of the features you will find: The most iconic characters of LoL are present in the cards. Each choice and risk assumed will condition the development of the battle: nothing is decided beforehand and a better deck does not determine anything. Get free cards as you progress in the game. Develop your own strategy by adapting and experimenting continuously with the new content. Face your friends and ither players around the world. Compete for promotion in the world rankings. Explore the epic regions of Runeterra and reveal the connections between the beings that inhabit them and the cards. Raise the champion cards to epic levels. About Legends of Runeterra launch date all we know for now is that it will be at some point in 2020. For now it remains in a state of prior registration.

Legends of Runeterra For Android Download

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