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A true sea wolf has to know the real-time position of all the boats and ships sailing the seven seas oceans and other puddles of the worldwide water geography. And now you can also do so from your Android smartphone thanks to MarineTraffic the app that shows the sea traffic of the whole world. AAAAAAAAARRRRR!!! This tool is connected to the largest network of AIS receivers that offers updated information about the main sailing routes and ports. Features The different features and functions of this application will make people like Magallanes Vasco de Gama or Sir Francis Drake look like beginners... like freshwater sailors. Download the APK and make use of them: Check which ships and boats are near your position in the Mediterranean Caribbean Atlantic or Pacific. Data of over one hundred thousand boats. Current wind data and forecast for the next 48 hours. Live arrivals and departures in more than four thousand ports (Valencia Barcelona Genoa Marsella New York Rotterdam Oakland Hamburg Long Beach …). Manage your own list of ships. Over a million and a half pictures of boats ports and lighthouses from all over the world.

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