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The very first moment it was launched Rayman became one of the most successful platform games in history. After the first instalment many other versions for different platforms have appeared and now Rayman Fiesta Run has arrived on Android. Parties cocktails and barbecues are part of Rayman's new habitat. In Rayman Fiesta Run we will guide Rayman around a world of never-ending fun in which cocktails piña coladas and sun loungers next to the pool are the keynote. To pass the game's more than seventy five levels and defeat all his enemies Rayman has super powers so that he can jump fly punch and run up walls. All the latter in an environment with great graphics that will make the most of your Android's power. Features of Rayman Fiesta Run More than seventy five levels distributed in four worlds. Three big bosses to defeat at the end of the levels. Rewards and improvements by collecting lums. New enemies and wide range of traps. High quality graphics with great detail level. If you thought partying was already guaranteed with Rayman you can't even imagine what awaits you in Rayman Fiesta Run for Android.

Rayman Fiesta Run For Android Download

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