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One of the greatest video game successes back in 1994 was Little Big Adventure. It was an innovating combination of action adventure and role-playing that had a great reception due to its plot playability and graphics that are now back in a version that has been adapted to Android. Is Twinsen crazy? No he's just going to save the planet In Little Big Adventure you have to handle Twinsen who has strange dreams about the planet on the brink of destruction. The dictator Dr. FunFrock decides to lock him up in a mental hospital from where he escapes to overthrow the dictator and save the world. All the latter in a new LBA version that has been renovated and adapted to modern touchscreen devices. One of the most successful adventures of 1994. Features More than fifteen hours of gameplay. Game walkthroughs. Adjustable zoom function. Automatically save games. If you played back then you'll also have a great time now by downloading Little Big Adventure also known as Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure. If you never had the chance to play this game before you shouldn't miss out on this opportunity.

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