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There are still people that haven't abandoned the idea of downloading music from the Internet in MP3 format. They avoid downloading apps like Spotify and instead go for others like Music Download Paradise which we must say definitely has a rather pretentious name. MP3 music search engine for Android By installing this APK on your smartphone or tablet you'll be able to get hold of a tool that allows you to search for your favorite artists and bands: talents like Justin Bieber and great songwriters of the likes of One Direction or Drake can all be found in this application. Main features This app comes along with the following functions: Built-in search engine with which you can find music by artist name album or song. Collection of downloaded music. Download queue. Built-in player. Yet another alternative to online streaming services that you have to pay for. One of the advantages of this application is that you'll be able to centralize both the download and playback so that you won't have to download a multimedia player separately.

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