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Monument Builders: Golden Gate For Android Reviews

There are huge constructions that are really fascinating due to their complexity and dimensions. One of the most iconic ones is definitely the Golden Gate the bridge that crosses over the north part of San Francisco Bay. Supervise the construction throughout dozens of levels You're slightly late to be able to enjoy building it as the Golden Gate was constructed between 1933 and 1937 but with Monument Builders: Golden Gate you can supervise it as if you were there. The bridge's dimensions are huge: 2 737 metres long 27 metres wide with a maximum height of 227 metres and a 67-metre gauge to let the ships go underneath it. Therefore your mission will be to help Joe Bentman the project's supervisor to help him carry it out perfectly. An architectural wonder. For such purpose you'll have to take care of the worker's wellbeing as well as making sure that they're efficient. You'll also have to keep an eye on the natural phenomena such as currents winds or sea corrosion. A real challenge in which you'll be a must.

Monument Builders: Golden Gate For Android Download

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