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The IPTV protocol allows us to stream a TV signal over the Internet making it possible to watch television from an Android smartphone or tablet for instance. Applications of the likes of You TV Player are based on this system. 3 in 1: online TV movies and series for free Nowadays there's a huge offer of applications to watch TV on our phone and one of them is this Gato Tv. Here we can access a wide range of television channels from all over the world sorted into different categories: sports news kids... With his app you won't miss a single one of the soccer matches that you want to watch live. You only have to access the corresponding category and choose whatever you want to view. In turn it also comes along with a movie and TV series section therefore you can watch the best movies and the latest episodes of your favorite TV series whenever you want. From the user's point of view how it works is similar to any other app of the same nature: access the category of your choice and simply search. However in this case all the contents can be viewed on your Android's screen by means of a P2P connection.

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