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Have you got a gang of Russian criminals blackmailing you because they've caught you on your webcam while you were watching videos on Pornhub? Don't worry downloading Xapo will allow you to send them that amount of money they're asking for in bitcoins. Well you can use it to pay extortions but also to manage your cryptocurrency wallet. Not everything has to be so shady... An easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet It's an application that works like a Bitcoin wallet allowing us to carry out different actions such as sending money to friends and family not only Eastern European criminals. The following are its main functions: Wallet function to manage your daily expenses. Easily send or receive money and exchange your cryptocurrency for legal money in countries all over the world: euros dollars pounds Swiss francs yens... Top up your account with cash bank transfers or by means of your credit card. Instantly end money to any email address or phone number. We also have to point out that this app has been developed to protect the user's safety requiring strict control methods to access and manage our account.

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