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The security of our data has become an issue of vital importance therefore tools that help us to protect them are gaining plenty of popularity. That's the case of VTS for Android a tool to scan all the weaknesses of our device with just one tap. Check your Android's security with just one tap Android Vulnerability Test Suite has been developed by NowSecure. It's a free scanner that analyzes your phone or tablet searching for 22 known Android vulnerabilities including Stagefright in order for you to know if your device has been affected by any of them. A screen tap to find any bug on your device. How to scan your phone? The tool is really simple and only includes a single button to start the scanner. You'll only need 30 seconds to scan your smartphone or tablet to find vulnerabilities. This information can be very important for the user as once he's aware of what's going on he can take the right decisions. We're still missing some resources to deal with the vulnerabilities detected but that might come in future updates.

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