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The Chinese company Qihoo 360 has its own application store which you can now download to your Android. It's called 360 Mobile Assistant and you can use it to download other mobile applications and video games apart from its own software. Qihoo AppStore: thousands of free apps This company has become popular by developing security and system management software for Android. Thanks to its official app store you can download all its apps some of which aren't in Google Play as well as any other application from its huge catalog. This software assistant works just like other similar stores: we can download apps individually or in batches. Furthermore it also allows us to manage everything we install being able to update or uninstall whatever we want. On the other hand it also comes along with functions to manage our operating system offering us the chance to clean it and optimize its performance just as if we were using CCleaner or similar tools as well as also providing us with antivirus functions.

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