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Thanks to applications that make use of the IPTV protocol that offers us the possibility to stream TV signals over the Internet we can watch soccer matches news or any other live program. AOS TV is an app that comes along with dozens of channels from all over the world and that you can download to your Android tablet or smartphone. Mainly channels from countries washed by the Indian Ocean This app has been developed with users from the Indian Ocean region in mind as it mainly offers us channels from India Pakistan or Australia amongst others. It's not the best application of this kind as we believe that You TV Player is much better but it can be interesting for anyone searching for special channels from the abovementioned area. It offers us contents such as the following always with high video quality: News. Entertainment. Movies and TV series. Cartoons. Soccer and cricket matches as well as other sports. Religious channels. The app offers us from its main interface and channel menu that we can explore however we wish or use the filters to search for the category of our choice.

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