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In Dokuro for Android our princess has been kidnapped so as to force her to become the Dark Lord's wife. You're a brave skeleton that has to rescue her and escape from the castle where she has been imprisoned hiding her in the shadows. A very skinny hero As the hero you are in Dokuro you have to escape from the castle and protect her from all dangers during the escape. For such purpose although you're a skeleton you are capable of becoming a hero to dodge enemies and avoid dangers although your bony aspect also provides you with special skills that will manage to get you out of more than one tight spot. Combine your two appearances depending on the situation. A classic story... that we never get tired of Dokuro brings us a story that we know from hundreds of previous games: a princess kidnapped by a villain who intends to marry her. But it's still the perfect environment for entertaining adventure games... Download Dokuro for Android and check it out for yourself in this game that combines elements from games of wits and platform titles.

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