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Servers are usually fairly reticent about unofficial applications for watching movies and series online. However Theater Plus deserves to be acknowledged as a good app for Android owing both to its design and its functioning. Not your usual app for watching movies and series for free This an app where you can watch movies and TV series absolutely free and which also allows you to download content to watch offline. So the differences between this app and most similar apps is to be found in its very structured and well-made design and in is functioning - fast stable and with decent image quality. These are the main features to be found on this application: An extensive catalog of movies and TV shows. Features new releases as well as classic movies and shows. Built-in search engine for performing precise searches. Download movies to watch when you are offline. Well-produced attractive ad-free design. Support for subtitles. Having said all that it is still a long way from platforms like HBO Netflix Amazon Prime etc. as far as functioning stability and image quality are concerned.

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