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Puzzles are without a doubt the most successful game genre on Android mainly due to the native features of the touchscreens of these devices. One of the titles with the best reviews throughout 2013 was LYNE a puzzle in which our goal is simple: to connect the different shapes without crossing the paths we have already taken. But don't be deceived by its simple concept because the game is complex enough to have you glued to your screen for hours on end. A puzzle game with an outstanding amount of positive feedback. Main features Hundreds of puzzles available. Puzzles generated on a daily basis. Simple and easy-to-use interface. Unlockable color palettes. How to play LYNE You have to swipe your finger over the shapes to be connected with the aid of the color pattern that identifies each one of them. As we mentioned above you won't be able to move your finger over a figure that you already crossed before except for the hexagons which are are used as wild cards. Download LYNE and have fun racking your brains with one of the most entertaining puzzles for Android.

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