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Blaze and the Monster Machines is a cartoon series that's on Nickelodeon. Its main character is a monster truck with a life of its own driven by his friend AJ. Playtime With Blaze is an adaptation of the series for Android phones and tablets. The official app of Blaze and the Monster Machines The app comes along with 5 different minigames in which you can play with its main character and other guys from the series such as Crusher Pickle or Stripes: Truck Wash: Blaze and his friends have got all dirty and it's time to clean them up. Obstacle Race: help Blaze to dodge the obstacles and collect items to reach the finish line on time. Memory: a memory and card game with 3 levels to be completed. Coloring: a game to color in Blaze Stripes AJ and Pickle. Match-Up: you have to find the groups of identical elements throughout the 9 levels. The games provide achievements such as stickers. There are 12 available which you can use to create Blaze's world with two different scenarios.

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