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Flixtor is the Android application you were looking for to play movies without having to download them to your phone or tablet. By means of torrent connections you can have access to hundreds of movie titles and TV show episodes to be watched online. The best system to watch movies and series online. Flixtor makes use of the P2P protocol as it's based on torrent connections that allow us to load different titles. The latter can be located on the application's main panel or by means of its manual search engine which allows us to filter them by genre and other more specific aspects. And although it isn't essential you also have the possibility to store movies on your phone or SD memory card. Features Large catalog of movies and series. Video streaming by means of torrents. Downloads in the background. Possibility to store titles on the device or on its memory card. Option to pause remove or resume downloads. Multiple simultaneous downloads. Download Flixtor for Android and enjoy watching series and movies on your phone.

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