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Gobliiins Trilogy For Android Reviews

The graphic adventure genre became really popular at the beginning of the 90's. One of the most successful sagas was Gobliiins and you can now play its first three instalments thanks to Gobliiins Trilogy for Android. One of the adventures that marked an era. Gobliiins stood out for combining graphic adventures with solving puzzles needing to find on each level the solution to the different puzzles posed if you wanted to pass onto the next level. Being able to handle several characters at the same time and its great sense of humor were the main features of a classic title that is back and now updated for mobile devices. Features Pack with the first three games of the Gobliiins saga. Redesigned interface for Android devices. Two control modes. Possibility to choose between the original graphics or the new graphic filter. Download Gobliiins Trilogy and play once again one of the craziest and most entertaining adventures but this time on your mobile device.

Gobliiins Trilogy For Android Download

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