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TikTok has opened the flood gates for short-video social networks with a similar format. An example of this is VClip although in much shoddier packaging which offers short videos uploaded by its users along with other elements that can be downloaded and shared on WhatsApp. Download videos and other content for sharing on WhatsApp Here you will find all kinds of videos which you will be able to share on WhatsApp with your contacts though their status. There are all sorts like music videos funny videos or videos with motivational phrases which evoke self-improvement like a lower-league Paulo Coelho. Content is presented in a similar format to that of the aforementioned TikTok allowing users to create their own user profile and follow other people. It is mainly aimed at an Indian audience and features these funtions: Download videos and other content to share on WhatsApp. Comment on other users' posts. Follow other profiles. Templates and resources for creating your own status. Earn rewards by sharing status: the more you share the more you earn.

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