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BlackBerry Messenger known for its initials BBM incorporates a system by means of which you can find new contacts to chat with and send messages. Every user has his own PIN number so that you can get in touch with any of them if they want. For such purpose you'll need an application like Pin Search. The app to search for PINs on BBM: there are hundreds of thousands out there. By installing the APK you'll be able to search from your smartphone for other users depending on different criteria such as gender and location. There are over a million different numbers corresponding to users from all over the world. How does it work? It goes as follows: just select the criteria by means of which you want to filter the search and then shake your smartphone to view the results. You only have to send an invitation to those users that you're interested in and wait for their reply. Remember that you'll need to get hold of BlackBerry Messenger to be able to use it.

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