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If you're fed up of your Android's default lock screen you can now install MagicLocker. You'll be able to replace your phone's boring lock screen with another that can be customized however you like. You'll now be able to choose the theme you like the most to decorate your lock screen. Customizable. Colorful. Simple. What does MagicLocker have to offer? Maybe one of the main advantages of MagicLocker is that not only can we make the most of just one style for our lock screen but we can also load other themes that we like even more. For instance we can use a theme that perfectly recreates the iOS lock screen. Other noteworthy features are: Allows us to activate our phone send messages or launch the camera from the lock screen. You can customize the date's format. Includes support to customize wallpapers and animations. Lets you block the Home button. MagicLocker will allow you to add new functionalities to your lock screen so it's more comfortable to use.

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