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Summer is here and that means holidays. That's why Toca Boca has launched a new game for Android smartphones aimed at the youngest members of the household so that they can turn each day of their holidays into a new adventure. This is Toca Life: Vacation. Live every day as if it were a holiday adventure. It's a game without limits in which kids can create their own stories about their holidays with the intention of encouraging their imagination and creativity: go to airports check in luggage book a hotel go to the beach go sightseeing buy souvenirs etc. Everything you can do in Toca Life: Vacation Visit and get to know the ins and outs of 4 different scenarios: airport hotel beach and sightseeing. Carry out typical child activities during any holiday period. Over 30 different characters to interact with and live adventures. No time limits scores or competitiveness: your only aim is to have fun.

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