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Contre Jour is a puzzle game with a refined appearance and a beautiful soundtrack. Visually it boasts backlit scenes that remind us of games like Limbo or World of Goo. However the gameplay is much more similar to that of Cut the Rope or Angry Birds. Download Contre Jour for Android to discover the mysterious world of Petit. Collect the lights to illuminate Petit's world. Control the stage instead of handling the character The main character of Contre Jour is a small black ball with legs called Petit whose goal on each level is to reach the brightest light by collecting as many light sources as possible. To do so you have to move around by rolling on the ground jumping or catapulting. But be careful! Unlike most games you do not control the character's movement but instead you must move the setting to help Petit reach his destination. Download Contre Jour for Android and enjoy this puzzle game masterpiece.

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